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Who are the AMA

The Association of Model Agents (AMA) is the trade association of the UK model industry. Founded in the 1970s, it now comprises many of the major UK agents among its members, who deal with about 90% of the UK’s fashion model business between them.

The AMA council, comprising member agents, meets regularly to discuss matters relating to the industry. It also promotes the interests of its members and the models they represent. All AMA members adhere to a strict set of criteria which governs their business practice.

The AMA is in close touch with industry clients and with the various government bodies by whom the industry is regulated. These include the BIS, the OFT, and HMCR. AMA members are employment agents and, as such, are regulated by the 1973 Employment Agencies Act, a copy of which is available on the BIS website.


AMA Code of Practice

For agents

AMA members conduct their business in accordance with the regulations governed by The Department of Business for Innovation & Skills (BIS), as set out in The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003.

It is the agents’ duty to manage each model’s career so as to achieve maximum potential.

Agents’ income is derived solely on work obtained for their models. A child agency, which finds acting as well as modelling work, may charge a fee for inclusion in a directory or website.

Confirmation of Bookings

All bookings must be confirmed in writing by the client who, prior to the commencement of the job, must sign the appropriate AMA Booking Confirmation Form which stipulates agreed fees and usage. Copies of all contracts must be made available to models. There are specific Booking Confirmation Forms for TV Commercials (as approved by Equity), Fashion Shows & Stills Photographic Work.

Equality of Opportunity

The AMA is committed to ensuring Equality of Opportunity for all its members, staff and models.

Working Conditions for Minors

The AMA works in accordance with current legislation regarding the employment of persons under compulsory school age. This includes the provision of chaperones and reduced working hours. In particular all AMA members have voluntarily undertaken, due to the inherent extra pressures and long hours involved, not to present any models under the age of 16 for shows taking place during London Fashion Week in February & September each year. All members require the written consent of a parent or guardian in order to represent a model below school leaving age. AMA members recognise that education is a priority and will not permit it to be disrupted by the development of a career in modelling.

Terms & Conditions

It is a requirement of AMA agents’ Terms & Conditions (clause 11) that all clients provide adequate insurance to safeguard the Health & Safety of the model as if he/she were an employee of the client. Notwithstanding this, the client shall not impose upon the model any action or activity which is either dangerous or demeaning to the model. It is a further condition that, at regular intervals, clients provide stipulated breaks for rest and refreshment at regular intervals.

In the case of TV commercial bookings, all UK-generated work is subject to, and in accordance with, Equity terms. A special ‘Models’ Welfare Document’, developed in consultation with the British Fashion Council, is enclosed with show packs that are mailed to designers and show producers. This requires their co-operation in ensuring that models’ welfare is safeguarded during London Fashion Week.

For models

Beyond the statutory requirements, AMA agents consider it their responsibility, in so far as is practical, to safeguard the health & well-being of the models they represent.

Members often develop close personal relationships with models throughout their careers and are able to offer support across a wide-range of personal issues. The needs of the individual are of paramount importance. Models are encouraged to report, in confidence, any incidents of harassment and abuse.

Health and Well-being

Matters relating to Health & Well-being are referred to in AMA agents’ Terms & Conditions (Clause 11).

For a successful model, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is essential. To enable bookers actively to support their models, members are provided with advice on nutrition, health and fitness.

AMA members have worked with a number of professional bodies to help agents identify models who may be in need of specific advice and support on particular health issues.

Members will not promote any model for work where, in the judgment of the agent, the impact will be to the model’s detriment.

Eating Disorders

AMA members must ensure that at least one member of staff is trained to recognise possible symptoms of eating disorders and will take appropriate action, seeking professional advice where necessary.

Drugs and Alcohol abuse

Substance abuse is unacceptable and, where identified, agents will offer appropriate advice and guidance.

Financial Support

Agent’s obligations with regard to payment of model fees and related matters can be found in The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 and also in Clause 6 of the Models’ Representation Agreement.

With regard to costs chargeable to the model, the obligations and responsibility of both agent and model are to be found in Clause 7 of the Models’ Representation Agreement.

Agents are encouraged to develop relationships with Independent Financial Advisors who are able to offer impartial advice across a range of financial planning needs including pensions, insurance, mortgages etc.


What the AMA does

The Association of Model Agents (AMA) aims to create a unified voice for the UK model industry. Its activities are informed by the main objective of its members which is to discover, develop and deploy fashion models so as to enable them to enjoy profitable and fulfilling careers.

The AMA Council and its members meet at regular intervals and maintain an on-going dialogue with clients from all sectors and with other relevant stakeholders. These include NGOs, government and regulatory bodies, and other trade associations. These dialogues are conducted with the view to enhancing the working conditions and remuneration of the models which the AMA’s members represent.

In a recent AMA survey, UK models represented by an AMA member agency strongly agreed that their booking agents treated them in a respectful and professional manner, with an average rating of 45 out of 50.

The AMA is governed by a legal Constitution which regulates the working practices of its members. Any agent wishing to join the AMA must satisfy these criteria and be approved by the AMA Council.